Revenue Recognition Principle     365
The Matching Principle    366
The Full Disclosure Principle    366
Important Accounting Organizations    367
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)     367
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)    368
American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants (AICPA)    368
Review and Vocabulary    369
Cumulative Vocabulary Review
Cumulative Test
Cumulative Test Solutions
Help Table

Learning Goal 19:Explain the Five Kinds
of Information   385
Overview    385
Review    386
Describe Financial Condition    386
The Five Data Arrangements    389
Overview    389
1. Find a Transaction by Date    389
2. See All Parts of a Transaction    390
3. See if the Equation Stays in Balance    390
4. See the Historical Detail of Each Item    390
5. Determine the Balance of Each Item    391

Learning Goal 20:Explain the Use
of Accounts

Overview 394
The Account and How It Is Used    395
Example    395
The Account    395
Rules for Increasing and Decreasing the
Accounts    397
Review and Vocabulary    399

Learning Goal 21:Use the Owner’s Capital
Accounts   411
The Parts of Owner's Equity    411
Overview of Owner's Equity    411
Rules and Examples of Increases and
Decreasing the Owner's Capital Account    413
Increasing the Owner's Capital Account    417
Examples of Owner's Equity Transactions    418
Review    421

Learning Goal 22:“Debits on the left, credit on
the right” 427
The Words "Debit" and "Credit"    427
What Debit and Credit Really Mean     427
Debit and Credit Rules Applied to
All Account Types
Apply Debits and Credits to the Accounts    428
Debit and Credit Rules for the Six Basic
Account Types    429
Review and Vocabulary    431

Learning Goal 23:Use a Ledger    442
Overview    442
Separate Books for Different Purposes    443
The General Ledger    443
Review and Vocabulary    447

Learning Goal 24:Use a Journal     449
The Purpose and Structure of a General Journal  449
The Structure of a General Journal
Recording Transactions in a General Journal
How Transactions Are Recorded in a
General Journal
The Best Way to Analyze Transactions
and Accounts
Overview: Analyzing Transactions
T Account Analysis
Review and Vocabulary

Learning Goal 25:Use a Basic Accounting
Practical Forms of the General Journal and
the Ledger Account
A More Realistic Journal    479