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The Payroll Process


A Basic Guide to US Payroll Procedures and Requirements

The Payroll Process, A Basic Guide to US Payroll Procedures and Requirements (2024), explains the payroll process and provides references for additional compliance issues and research. Specifically, for a business, the book is designed for use in four ways:

  • The book explains the steps needed to complete a proper payroll process. Numerous examples and illustrations are provided.
  • The book acts as a concise, efficient first reference that should be used as the first source for calculating payroll accounting procedures to meet compliance requirements and resolve payroll questions.
  • As the topics change, the book provides references to more detailed information sources by individual topic.
  • For new businesses, a text and appendix provide a payroll checklist for startup procedures.

Also, employees who wish to understand overtime and minimum wage, payroll withholding calculations, and see explanations of labor law protections and employee rights and benefits will find the book to be a valuable reference.

Tax tables, commonly used forms, and indexes are included.